Wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing…

I went on a date the other day (please keep your comments to yourself, it’s not going to be that kind of post). But what I do want to talk about it where we went. Okay, skip the dinner and drinks and get to the god stuff (again, minds out of the gutter please).

And by “good stuff” I’m talking about the incredible band we went to see at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. Sybarite5 are a stings quartet that we’ve (as in Marcy and myself… not my date) have had the pleasure of hiring for two past events- once for a cocktail party in Aspen and the other for a ceremony in Newport- and they truly rocked each time. However, I’m sure you know, that at an event you are running around like a chicken sans head, so I’ve never really had a chance to sit down and fully appreciate just how kick ass they are. Until last week, that is! The Sybarites juxtapose Stravinsky with Radiohead (yes, that did come directly from their website) and turn out some mind-blowing music that even those fearful of a little classical will enjoy. Their rendition of Stairway to Heaven is pretty amazing. It’s like that spice that you know is familiar but just can’t quite pin down- “is it cardamom she wonders, no it’s Led Zeppelin.”

I normally don’t like to let our little cats of their bag but I just felt selfish keeping these guys all to myself.

And if you don’t trust me you can see for yourself: http://sybarite5.org