The Independence Party

Just in time for July Fourth, I offer you some visuals from a  party we conceived and styled for Hamptons Magazine.  I really am not enamored of the soooo boring, traditional and over done to the point of making one’s eyes hurt, red, white and blue mish-mosh decor for the Fourth.  In addition, as patriotism itself has been appropriated by the right side of our fair nation, I wanted to make a point, that the real essence of what Independence Day is about lies within the Declaration of Independence, not at Tea Party rallies.  I know, I know, no politics in a party blog- but really, if you can make a point you feel intensely about, and still have a fabulous event without it being nauseatingly didactic, isn’t that the best of both worlds?

Concept was cocktails before the fireworks, for a few reasons: not so much fuss for the host, people can bring their families, leave and go watch the fireworks and the host can  then actually have a relaxing dinner out or in with just a few people. The design entailed three distinct table set-ups, each it’s own solid block of color, including the food as much as possible (quite a challenge I’m sure you can see) including things like endive with anchovies, fresh strawberries, blue potato chips, deviled eggs, and fondue served from a jolly blue pot.

Our clever designer BDUB designed the pennants as a back drop to the scene and teeny, weeny adorable flags for drinks and hors d’oeuvres, each printed with liberty, equality, freedom, etc (you get the idea).

Pretty, festive, fun and not an immigration argument in sight.  Enjoy your celebrations my friends!

The "white" accoutrements from local Hamptons shops

The white (and off-white) table

The red table

The blue table - including coconut water for rapid hydration on hot summer days

Endive with whitefish

Picks doubled for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres