Like a proud mama…

I don’t have any children… yet.  And when/if I do I’m not sure if I’m going to be the kind of mom who whips out photos of her kids from those little plastic protectors in her wallet (or is that what they all say?).

However, I sorta “get” the gleaming pride these parents feel when they show unknowing strangers their little one-toothed wonders.  I can only compare it to the same sort of shameless delight that I feel when I see one of MY brides in print.

Not wanting to be the freaky lady at the grocery store check out line flashing you the newest (July) issue of BRIDES, I’m taking this opportunity to share them with you (just in case you haven’t already seen)…

A couple additional shots… more wonderful details from this wedding on a future post.

BRIDES chose such a great shot of the bridesmaids that I thought it was only fair to include this stunner with the dashing groomsmen.

Each table was named after one of the many places the bride and groom had traveled.

A view of inside the tent from the opposite angle. The bride and groom chose one long attendants table for 33 guests.


Special thanks to:
Decor: StoneKelly Events
Photography: Ron Lynch Photography

p.s. I’m going off to Europa (I know, I know, so jet set) for a little holiday, but I’ve left Marcy with some posts so you don’t miss me too much.  Pics and details when I get back… if I get good reports.