It’s my party and I’ll…

It’s almost the halfway point to my next birthday (or my “midi” as I called it when I was young and stupid enough to celebrate such a thing).  I don’t know if it’s just my own psychosis, but I feel as if my friends expect a better party from my because of my profession. Ironically, it’s this same profession that puts my own planning of the soirees on the back burner inevitably until the night or two before said occasion (come on, bingo and cupcakes with champagne was fun, right?).

Luckily, I am great at planning other people’s birthday parties in a nap. Recently, a GTB (groom-to-be) asked us to throw together his 30th birthday in about oh, two week. Yay, what fun, I thought. We didn’t have too much to go on but we knew he was a connoisseur of fine wine, and loved the Arizona Wildcats. So, we had pretty much free reign on this one. Which is quite a double-edged sword if you ask me.

Once we found the perfect venue (the penthouse at The Hotel on Rivington; hello outdoor hot tub) the rest of the party quickly took shape.

How could you not have a good time?

Trying to steer clear of the typical cocktail party (i.e. been there done that), we set up three different bars to enhance guests experience (and well, that’s just how we roll).

The first was a wine and cheese bar manned by the award-winning sommelier, Aldo Sohm, who picked out some of the finest reds and whites the world has to offer, brilliantly paired with our selection of cheeses from New York’s emporium of all things fromage, Artisanal. Guests were also able to fill out cute little wine tasting note cards while they sipped so they wouldn’t forget the memorable vintages when they got home.  Crowds around this table were worse than SATC2 on opening night!

Super cute personalized tasting notes...

Next was the vodka tasting bar, paired with, you guessed it, caviar and blinis.  Yum! Nothing like an ice-cold shot of Russian vodka on a hot summer night.

And of course, you can’t have a party without tequila! But not just any two-bit Jose; our friends at Tantao brought over tasty jalapeno, chocolate and tropical flavors for us to pair with some south-of-the-border treats.

One of our beautiful tasting bars...

The vodka tasting station.

Ah, and for my specialty…the cake!  Only the picture below will do it justice.

Is this not the coolest cake you've ever seen?

Mix all of the above with a killer DJ and you’ve got the making of one kick-ass birthday party.

Right, now back to planning mine…

Special Thanks
Venue: Hotel On Rivington
Cake: Ron Ben Israel Cakes
Signs: BDUB