To begin with, a Public Service Announcement:


For Fashion’s Night Out tonight, my oh-so-clever friends at Be&D have created this terribly fashionable life-size circus where you can pose with all your favorite fashion icons while  carrying one of their incredible handbags-(of which I own far too many)  Saks Fifth Avenue, 8 pm

Wedhead has a few favorite things to share:

My very favorite new spot as venue for a small rehearsal dinner or a civilized bachelor party bacchanalia is Hotel Griffou.  It’s very hip, but somehow not horribly pretentious.  Our friend Anne Thornton has the world’s most interesting job combo- pastry chef and event manager, so the desserts are heavenly and the parties run well.  The food is good (it’s not “ooh” and “ahh” deserving but it works) and the set up, the design- a maze of cozy rooms including a clubby wine room with a long banquet table, feels celebratory even if you don’t:



And, today I was walking down Madison Avenue and the Men’s Dolce and Gabbana store stopped me dead in my tracks- the fall tuxedos and dinner jackets are so lush (the over-the-top quilting especially) and so spectacular for a groom, groomsmen or guest who not only has some presence but is gorgeous enough to pull it off.  Unfortunately, being a nascent blogger, I was cameraless (won’t happen again), so these images come from the web:



On the complete other end of the wedding spectrum, I attended a low key and no muss, no fuss wedding in Vermont in August.  As you must realize by now, I’m egalitarian on the subject, if it’s wedding-related, I’m into it,  and this for all sorts of reasons, was just wonderful- starting with my very favorite bride and groom’s entrance of all time:

195The bride as she alights from the bicycle she arrived on with her father

The groom starts the ceremony by playing the accordion

More of my favorites from this and other weddings to come!