Eventista’s Enthusiastic

Eventista has been catching up on her “cases,” she follows a few murders and kidnappings each season (yes, a macabre sort of hobby for someone who is afraid of everything) and this year, unfortunately with that poor woman at Yale and the girl who has been found after 18 years and 2 children by her abductor and the man who apparently killed his new wife while they were diving, well, she has been quite busy reading tabloids and the news and the internet to keep on top of the developments.

And, while she definitely has attended a few inhospitable hospitality events lately and a few less-than-fashionable fashion shows, and been horrified by some of the incessant, white bread, “let’s make sure all brides are the  same,” Wedding TV Shows – she has decided that this particular post would be a selection of things that made her smile, and that she thought would interest our readers, from her various wanderings over the past two months, a veritable outpouring of sweetness and light:

From the Summer International Gift Fair in New York City, while there was, as usual, a lot of schlocky stuff, there were some real gems:

Areaware- www.areaware.com – a divine company offering all sorts of great gifts and home decor elements that are fresh, slightly edgy without being weird and mostly adorable – a few favorites:


These “bulbs” are actually candles.
Another company, wunderwurks – www.wunderwurks.com – had some eye-catching rubbery, plastic bowls (they use a special material that evades me) and vases-works as pretty and affordable artwork for  tabletop I think:
Something I have been studying for quite a while and am fascinated by, is the state of the art on flue-less, chimney-less fireplaces, there is no easier way to achieve an atmospheric bang or immediate and magical cozy vibe then with a fireplace. These newest ones are pretty amazing from www.blomus.com:
As well as very sleek firepits:
Lastly,  here  is a company that actually knows how to work with event people – www.moroccanprestige.com -
while some of their items are a bit played out (once the Real Housewives are having Moroccan theme parties you know it’s over), others are fresh and can work in less obvious ways, they also carry beautiful tents AND they rent a lot of the items in their inventory!

and elegant ottomans:


Watch in the next few days for what I loved on the runway at New York Fashion Week – including items that one could actually wear…