Eventista Erupts

First off, Eventista apologizes for being AWOL for a bit, she has been in a slight end-of-summer funk, but is coming out of it and is quite grateful for all her readers who clamored for new pontifications.  I’ll start today with a fairytale:

A very long time ago in a far away place there was a wee eventette, who was asked to speak at The Special Event Convention.  Being immensely flattered and with her ego buoyed by recent career successes (perhaps 15 parties and 8 weddings over 3 years) she jumped at the chance and spent weeks upon end creating spread sheets, hand outs and the like for her prospective audience to teach them the secrets behind her grand career.  The big day arrived and she was suddenly on a stage speaking to about 500 professionals in what seemed like Radio City Music Hall.  Being young enough to not realize that her being there was absurd at best, (“yes, she was so much older then, she’s younger than that now”), she proceeded to give a  rather complicated and circuitous dissertation on budgeting, client relations and other clever concepts that she had clearly pioneered.

Her audience was filled with many real stars of the business who, to her eternal gratitude, were kind enough during question and answers to allow her to preserve her delusions and not eviscerate her (although she did have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps she was outclassed). It is only in retrospect though that she is able to giggle privately about how much she didn’t know, and wonder why in the world, people would have come to hear her speak so many moons ago?….

Eventista’s mailbox these days is cluttered with very creative emails offering a variety of courses GUARANTEED to make one a zillionaire in the special events and/or wedding industry.  From tele-sessions a la “The Secret”, BELIEVE IT AND IT WILL HAPPEN (quaint), to a course promotion I received yesterday, billing itself as a “University” for both wedding planning pros AND brides- how very ecumenical.

Suffice it to say that Eventista cannot say with conviction that all of these seminars are worthless (and, full disclosure, my dear friend Marcy is speaking at Engage 09 The Encore so you might feel there is a conflict of interest here).  I am only strongly suggesting that before you spend your hard-earned or inherited cash, you do your due diligence as to who is offering these courses/get rich quick schematics (how many events have they planned or what is their business background?, years in business, clientele? etc.)  There is plenty to be said about attending a new age-y conference just for the sheer motivating essence of it (Eventista is particularly fond of, and has benefited greatly from, Anthony Robbins seminars around the country).  Just be sure that you have a clear idea of what you expect to get out of your investment of both time and money.

Something else is on my mind today as well; the subtle yet very real differences between arrogance and confidence.

There is no question that great confidence (at least outwardly) is a necessary facet of marketing one’s business.  Arrogance, however, is something else again.  I have read several interviews with well known and succesful pros in our business who repeat ad nauseum the clever sound bite that “they couldnt find anyone in the wedding business who was creative enough or had real vision so they had to go into business.”  It’s almost as if it’s a public service really, virtually a not for profit….

This is not only insulting to the masses of extraordinarily talented and visionary people in the event business but patently untrue- they went into business to make money, which is just fine (but that doesn’t make a great sound bite)…

I’ll post later this week some of the best doozies from clients that were sent our way, there are some good ones!