Eventista Emotes

While the next post is scheduled to be by Wedhead, Eventista couldnt resist writing a few words before that:

Truly delighted you have all responded to my rant so graciously and all of us here are thankful that you are letting us work out this weird blogging thing in front of an audience (a few kinks I’m sure you’ve noticed).  A few of you had some items to add to the “Over and Out” list and, as this is a democratic blog (particularly when you agree with me), and, as I realized that there were a few particularly nasty things that I inadvertently left out, here follows the finale of items we could really do without, even, as I mentioned before, if they were once cute as buttons.

Oh, one further thing, and I really hope I’m crystal clear on this terribly controversial subject; as so many people were offended by my being foodist about cupcakes (so sensitive)- I wasn’t advocating a pogrom against all cupcakes, I was only suggesting that the cupcake tier in lieu of a cake is   t  i  r  e  d……

So, the addendum:
*Chocolate fountains
* French Manicured acrylic nails the thickness of windshields
* The de riguer truly romantic and beautifully lit ”Designer Shoe” wedding photo
* The concept that sugar flowers on a cake are remotely”edible”