Eventista elucidates

I’m compiling a compendium of favorite quotes from event and wedding clients and would dearly love to include some of yours.  Please send your doozies to info@adventuresofwedhead.com.  Quotes must be verifiable as being, unfortunately, real.

I’ll start you off:

Bride presents planner with a photo of a wedding she ABSOLUTELY adores.  In the photo are red floral centerpieces, red linens and chair back covers, red candles, and a red crystal chandelier hanging from a red draped ceiling. “Oh,” the planner says “we can definitely do this, not a problem at all, I just had no idea that you loved red so much.”  Blank look from bride followed by, “No, I don’t want it in RED.”

Wealthy groom to planner upon seeing hotel estimate for food and beverage: “You obviously don’t get it, rich people don’t pay full price.”

Socialite upon receiving planner’s fee: “Who do you think you are, Robert Israel?”


***From My Over and Out posting- a few of you were confused by my obviously too obscure allusion to the “de rigeur wedding shoe photo.”  I was referring to the absurd popularity of a photo of the bride’s Jimmy Choos, or Manolos sitting in the dappled sunlight before she puts them on, somehow I’ve missed the romantic aspect of this.