Do you believe in magic? Part 2 of 2

Okay let’s get back to talking about conjuring magic of all sizes and shapes . We recently had the pleasure of creating a celebration commemorating the birthdays of both a mother and her son.  Let’s just say the total of their years gave us the perfect theme- late 1960s-197o (ish)- how delighted I was to celebrate Woodstock’s 40th and get paid for it.  While it certainly was not an inexpensive party by any “real world” standards, it was still to be funky, low key and not to be perceived as over the top (first time you are hearing this, right?),  particularly because half of the guests were in their early 20s.  So, the challenge was how to subtly yet smashingly (and without resorting to illegal substances) make this party playful and sexy for two very different groups of guests. Obviously, it had to start with the guests being into it . The invitation advised them to dress “circa 1970″ and, on the back, gave them some clues by listing the zillions of groovy, bizarre or impactful events that had taken place that year from the premiere of All In The Family to the First Earth Day to the opening of Disney in Orlando.

The client had chosen an exquisite restaurant, but it was way too big for the amount of  guests, so we had to figure out how to keep it from  looking like a furniture warehouse- we decided to empty it and use it as a huge loft with posters and bean bags.


The entrance way was a good opportunity  to set the tone simply and graphically-a bead curtain and a Happy Birthday gobo in “R Crumb”ish script did the trick:


The perfect welcome drink- tequila sunrises

The perfect welcome drink- tequila sunrises

Claire Bean Design created the floral renditions of iconic posters and Matt Murphy (both of East Hampton) did the beautious lighting.

better floral peace

Peace sign projection on sailboat in the bar

Peace sign projection on sailboat in the bar

A retro hors d’oeuvres spread included fondue (although I may have been the only person who realized it was  tongue in cheek, but it amused me) but the most important magical touch was my personal favorite- the hippie ducks- lined up on the bar (reminded me of  former boyfriends):


hippie ducks


70s Party Pics 066