Ceci n’est pas un cigare…

Last week a zillion of us industry folk were invited to a blow-out event for Creative Edge Parties’ 20th anniversary.  While all sorts of merriment and corporate espionage ensued, that isn’t the topic of this post.  The topic today is Trompe L’oeil,  and how it can be used so wonderfully at events.

The appetizer course was a tomato tartar, that looked in every way as if it were a steak tartar.  The consistency, color (with capers visible in the mix), and even topped with a “raw” egg blew us all away when we tasted and realized it was in fact, as advertised, all vegetarian.  Clever, simple, delicious and chat provoking.  It made me think of a fabulously fun meal that we had at Moto in Chicago last year where the chef’s intent is brain twisting, and he’s really, really good at it; the “cigar with ashtray” on the menu is actually a Cuban beef roll, and the menu itself is printed on something that tastes exactly like a tortilla chip and you are encouraged to eat it, after reading it, along with the wonderful guacamole that is placed at your table.



Sometimes a cigar isn't - cuban beef at Moto


When utilized by someone with artistic restraint, these kinds of sensory tricks amuse and engage guests. Thrillist last week featured a company called style-your-door.com that sells photo film images for closets.  The images, which you cut and paste to the outside of closet doors are, because of the process, incredibly realistic- how cool would this be on an otherwise blah closet door in a hallway?



…and of course, we have all seen fabulously realistic murals and faux finishes in peoples homes done by commissioned artists.


I am scheming as to how these could be incorporated into tent decor…

lion fountain

…these are from an artist, J Cochran.

So, I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to do a party where nothing is as it seems (I mean even more so than usual)?  Now, I have to find the right client…