Breakfast in bed for 275 please…

I recently worked with a couple who had an aversion to the “next day brunch”.  I have to admit after listening to them describe  it -  “everyone is hungover and has dragged themselves out of bed to see the bride looking less pretty than she did the night before and the recycled flowers looking mostly dead” – I could see their point.

They did, however, have a lot of out-of-town guests and I always feel that when you drag people to your wedding far far away, it does behoove you to host them for their entire stay.

We came up with a really wonderful solution (and with creative ideas being harder and harder to come by these days, I was truly delighted when this one popped up in the middle of the night).

We decided to build a “Breakfast to Go” bar, a combination of party favor and the makings of Sunday morning breakfast in bed. We offered organic bloody mary mix with mini iced vodka bottles, and Illy Cappuccino in the can on ice as well. Guests could choose an assortment of the best New York has to offer of bagels (Murray’s), donuts (Donut Plant), pain au chocolat, croissants and brioche (Balthazar), with an assortment of jams, butter and cream cheese and have it all packed up for them in an insulated bag by cheerful and model-y waitstaff.  You’ve got to admit, makes you re-think brunch the day after, doesn’t it?

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