Bailey&Blum&blushing with pride

It’s always seemed to me that the absolute best scenario in this life is to actually make some money while doing something you enjoy that at the same time does good for others. Well, unless you are ten years old or under and reading this,  you realize that this “perfect storm” type of work happens rather infrequently.  Yes, yes, I know that wedding planning can fall into that category, but it’s a bit of a stretch to frame it that way.

Bailey&Blum, the weekend intensive on wedding and event design and planning that my friend Preston Bailey and I created this spring, was one of those rare experiences.  Both Preston and I are at our best in this intimate format (under 30 attendees), and we were able to connect with our ‘students’ in a very unusual way.  So much so, that the letters and photographs we received afterwards just blew us away.

One in particular- a work of art with so much heart infused in it that it made my cynical self weep when it arrived- was a scrapbook of the weekend put together by one of the group, event planner Deborah Dixon, some pages are shown here.

So, we have decided to do it again- it’s August 6-8- and we have poured ourselves into planning an amazing weekend agenda.  Take a look at and consider joining us.  Yes, it’s really worth it…