Babies on Board

A luncheon table

Faux seed packets, calligraphed with guests name for seating cards

Introducing Lea Brumage, who is the second in command at Marcy Blum Associates, she’s been just dying to blog, so here goes:

There’s a new phenomenon going around the MBA offices lately. No, it’s not the new iPad, el Niño, or a sweep of brides wanting teal and brown.  It’s babies, lots of them.

I know, I know, women have babies all the time. But this is the first time MY brides are having them and they seem to be coming fast and furious! This spring three MBA graduates became new mommies (welcome Ryan, Satay and Bea). Another is pregnant and I have it on good word that another is definitely trying.

We were lucky enough to be hired by the two grandmas to be to create a surprise baby shower for one of the miniature additions. Now, while we love a good party, I wouldn’t use the words cute and cuddly to describe Marcy’s aesthetic.  But I have to say I think we found a really great balance between disgustingly, nauseatingly, sickeningly cutesy and well…boring.   The sex of the little newcomer was also kept a mystery, so instead of the predictable pale pink and blue palate, we used the beautiful, budding Central Park back drop of A Voce at the Time Warner Center as our inspiration and ran with it. Baby pea pods in chartreuse and orange were the starting point and you can see from the photos where we went with the theme.  One thing you can’t see in the photos was the iPod we had programmed with a “baby” themed play list- I thought that was a super cute touch!  It turned out to be a stunning ladies lunch, with the proud papa-to-be even making a surprise appearance.

The menus at each place

An adorable sugar baby on a Sylvia cake

The invitation

Special thanks to:
StoneKelly – decor
Sylvia Weinstock – cake
Harold Hechler Photographers – photography
BDUB – paper goods